Friday, December 18, 2009


On Thanksgiving I made the inventory below and left Tucson. The following supplies are waiting for whomever starts up the next cycle of fresco painting, after March 2010, when the slaked lime putty has matured.

9 buckets of fresco lime putty -- 3 buckets made from hydrated lime, 6 buckets made from quicklime:

1st Cabinet

Small tub of trowels:

Putty knives, plastic scoop, floater, large and small trowels, rounded trowel:

Large tub with 2 airtight blue Masterson Palette Seals:

Brushes, various watercolor palettes, glass plate and palette knives for mixing paint:

Large green box:

Glass muller in "golf bag" case, and pigment scoop.

Little green plastic box of flip top bottles, on the left, contain the following pigments:

Maycrom® pigments:
  • Blue 1000 (2 bottles)
  • Blue 2000F
  • Violet 1000
  • Violet 2001
  • Violet 2000F
  • Green 1001
  • Yellow 1000
  • Red 1000
Sinopia pigments:
  • 4026 Satin Ochre Monte Amiata
  • 4040 Raw Sienna Yellow
  • CP 400 Genuine Indian Red/ Natural Hematite
  • 4870 Caput Mortuum
  • 4061 Raw Umber Cyprus
  • 4842 Iron Oxide Black Bluish
  • 4844 Iron Oxide Black Brownish
  • 11674 Obsidian (white from Mexico)
Homemade green pigment from found rock in Arizona

Little pink box of dry pigments in spice jars, on the right, contain the following pigments:

Maycrom® pigments:
  • Blue 2050
  • Violet 2000F
  • Violet 2001
  • Red 1000
Sinopia pigments:
  • PCP 400 Genuine Indian Red/ Natural Hematite
  • PCHR 1201 Iron Oxide Mars Red/ Bloodstone Red
  • PCPTNR Caput Mortuum Reddish Violet
  • 4028 Amberg Yellow (dark yellow)
  • 40390 Raw Sienna Brownish from England
  • 4020 French Ochre Avana Greenish
  • 4025 Satin Ochre Greenish Brown
  • 40404 Raw Sienna from Badia, Dolomites, Italy
  • 40410 Raw Sienna Brownish from Italy

Large blue box:

Pounce wheel and pigment scoops.

Large jars of Maycrom® pigments, top left:
  • Red 1000 (2)
  • Red 2051
Sinopia starter set, lower left:
  • DC0064/50 Titan Buff, Titanium Dioxide/ Natural Off-white
  • PCP7/50 Sinopia, Reddish Brown Natural Earth
  • PC206RS/50 Raw Sienna Warm Shade
  • DCCR1/50 Ultramarine Blue Dark
  • PC512BU/50 Burnt Umber Brownish Warm
  • PC113NO/50 Yellow Ochre Warm Golden Shade
  • PC308BS/50 Burnt Sienna Brownish Deep Shade
  • PC404RU/50 Raw Umber Greenish Dark

Small clear box, right, dry pigments in spice jars:

Maycrom® pigments:
  • Yellow Y2351
  • Yellow Y1001D
  • Green 1001
Sinopia pigments:
  • 4180 Bohemian Green Earth
  • 4082 Geniune Italian Green Earth
  • PCP400 Genuine Indian Red Natural Hematite
  • PCHR 1201 Iron Oxide Mars Red Bloodstone Red
  • 4844 Iron Oxide Black Brownish
  • 4842 Iron Oxide Black Bluish

Large red box:

Angle iron frames, PL375 industrial adhesive, Gorilla Glue, Rust-oleum primer:

30 grit sand, distilled water, and plastic cutting board:

2nd Cabinet:

Large bucket with nylon mesh, and 2 smaller airtight tubs inside:

Small tub:

Plastic sheeting, burlap (to wet and keep air around fresco humid), razors and cutters:

Large clear box in middle:

Large tubs of Maycrom® pigments:
  • Blue 1000
  • Violet 1000
  • Yellow 1000
Pigments scoops and color charts:

Large clear plastic box on bottom:

Slaking supplies:
  • 3M 8511, Sanding Painted Surfaces Respirator (N95 NIOSH approved)
  • Neoprene gloves
  • Large plastic scoop
  • 3 mil 42 gallon plastic bags
  • Rubber bands (in jar)

Lime water and surfaces:

Shelf of fresco supplies, including frescoes stored in square plastic boxes:

Sand bin and water bottle:

Buckets of fresco lime putty in storage underneath shelf:

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