Sunday, September 20, 2009

06_First decent fresco tile

Gonzalo Espinosa did the first fresco in Mayan Blue since Bonampak -- probably not. But he did do our first successful fresco in Mayan Blue on 8 September 2009. It still cracked. This is a picture of it several days later, once it dried:

Mixed lime to sand, one to one:

Mix is stiff, though it could be drier:

Sprayed the Hardibacker tile with water, front and back, and waited until it no longer glistened:

Spread fresco plaster on tile:

Troweled tile smooth:

Tile glistening, too wet to paint on:

Tile dried shortly, and Gonzalo started his painting:

He used a Mayacrom palette, of just pigments ground in distilled water:


Full drawing:

Tile started cracking when he was painting:

Finished masterpiece:

Partido Constitucional del Narcisismo, oil painting by Gonzalo Espinosa:

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