Monday, September 21, 2009

10_Bob paints fresco

Bob Goldman painted a fresco at The Drawing Studio on 15 September, 2009. The whole process went very smoothly this time. I plastered the tile at the Sculpture Resource Center, and then drove it to the drawing session in downtown Tucson in the evening. We left the tile covered in the plastic box for a few days, and it was still a bit wet but had not cracked yet.

Final piece done in about 2 hours:

Soaked Hardibacker tile in distilled water for 20 minutes:

One scoop of marble sand:

One scoop of fresco lime:

Mixed sand and lime with putty knife:

Mix probably wetter than it should be:

Waited until surface of tile dried, so that it no longer glistened:

Spread fresco plaster on tile:

Sprayed trowel with distilled water, which made the tool easier to use. Also sprayed putty knife with distilled water and beveled the edges:

Tile glistened:

Put glistening tile in plastic box in order to carry it:

Plastic box was not airtight:

Gathered all the materials to paint fresco and put them in a busboy tub:

Stacked and ready to carry:

Loaded fresco materials in my car:

Set-up at The Drawing Studio:

Bob used a full color Mayacrom palette:

First sitting:

Cecil posed:

Second sitting:

Bob signing the work:

Placed in box to transport. Left covered in box for several days, and the fresco stayed a bit damp, but did not crack:

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