Monday, September 21, 2009

08_My fresco

I plastered a fresco tile at the Sculpture Resource Center, and then drove it over to The Drawing Studio to paint on. This was during a life drawing session, on 12 September, 2009. My goal was to make the fresco tiles portable, and this experiment proved that I could plaster in one place, and paint somewhere else. The key might be keeping the tile wet inside what is essentially a Tupperware box, the Masterson Palette Seal.

Final fresco. I don't always draw what I see:

Soaked the Hardibacker tile for 15 minutes in distilled water:

Bubbles while soaking:

One scoop of sand:

One scoop of fresco lime:

Ready to mix with putty knife:

Mix started:

Mix thoroughly:

Waited for the surface water to evaporate:

Tile no longer glistened:

Mix stiff, but could be drier:

Put fresco plaster on tile:

Troweled tile. Did not treat edges, and this became a problem later on:

Ugly wet tile:

Tile glistened when I put it in the Masterson Palette Seal box:

Airtight plastic box:

Drove to downtown Tucson, had some extra time, grabbed a tea at Shot in the Dark Cafe:

Went to The Drawing Studio in downtown Tucson:

Set up. Tile matte dr iedbefore the model showed up. I probably have about 5 hours to paint:

Started drawing in Mayan Blue:

During the model breaks I covered the tile to keep it wet:

Used Mayacrom pigments:

Getting wilder:

Filling up the space:

Tile still wet enough to paint when model finished. However the edges were rough and crumbling, threatening to eat into the rest of the fresco:

Put fresco in busboy tub, covered with lid, to slow down drying, hoping to retard cracking:

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