Monday, September 21, 2009

07_Ed fresco

Ed did this fresco on 10 September, 2009. He spread the lime plaster on thin, and we had almost no cracks. We did leave it in a covered plastic box to dry:

We soaked the Hardibacker cement tile in distilled water for 15 minutes:

One lime to one sand:

Mixing with putty knife (this was Ed's innovation):

Waited until the surface of the tile dried and no longer glistened, before putting plaster on it:

Spreading fresco plaster on tile:

Troweled plaster on thinly:

Tile too wet to paint on. It dried quickly, so that shortly the surface no longer glistened with water:

Used Chinese and other watercolor brushes:

Dog and duck:

Duck developing:

Full duck head:

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